Feeling good, cuttin’ wood!

The majority of our firewood is recycled from the residue left over from our tree surgery business. Arborist’s from Urban Forestry (Bury St Edmunds) Ltd, are contracted to carefully remove dead or dangerous trees for various clients in the local area. The trees aren’t removed or pruned without careful consideration or without good reason, and where necessary, we also gain permission from the Local Authority if they are covered by planning protection. This can be hard, dangerous work, and all our arborists receive lots of training and use the most up to date techniques and equipment, to ensure their health and welfare is protected.

Once the trees have been felled we transport them back to our yard at Ingham, near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, where they are stacked and split into billets. They are then left to naturally season for approximately one year (or longer), after which they are cut and split again into logs through our firewood processor. Lastly, they are elevated into ventilated bags, which are then stacked on pallets and covered, before being delivered to our lovely customers.

Feeling Good Cutting Wood


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2 replies on “Feeling good, cuttin’ wood!

  • Sasha Wilson-Warner

    Hello. My husband and I are always on the lookout for logs. Preferably I split or only split in half. The logs we want most are the odd ones. The crotch pieces and pieces with old dead branches. Do you allow people to come and visit you and chose their own logs?

    • Reg

      Hello Sasha,
      Please reply to my email and we’ll arrange a visit to site to see if we have anything that’s suitable.
      I’m kind of intrigued why you want the type of logs most people don’t want?!?


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